Undiagnosed illnesses if left undetected for long periods can have devastating consequences for the person affected, their families and their employers. Untreated blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and raised cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) such as strokes, heart attacks angina - known as the 'silent killers',- and also kidney, circulation and vision damage.

General Facts & Statistics

  • 16 million people in the UK have high blood pressure, of these 3.5 million do not know that they are affected
  • High blood pressure is the direct cause of half of all heart attacks and strokes each year
  • Failure to control blood pressure leads to 62,000 unnecessary deaths each year (2,000 more than can fit into Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium)
  • 31.7% of men and 29.5% of women in the UK have high blood pressure
  • 41% of all male deaths under the age of 75 are caused by CVD
  • One in 500 people has high cholesterol because of an inherited problem, called familial hyperlipidaemia
  • Over half of UK adults (56%) have cholesterol above the recommended level of 5mmol/l,
  • People with diabetes can have an up to fivefold increased risk of CVD compared with those without diabetes
  • There are currently over 2.3 million people with diabetes in the UK and there are up to another 750,000 people with diabetes who have the condition and don’t know it
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the working age population

How All Safe OH & S Ltd Can Help

These silent killers can be easily detected during a lifestyle health initiative for example, health screening or by extending the protocol for some statutory medicals to include blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes checks.

All Safe OH & Ltd take the health of all employees seriously. Time and effort spent on creating healthy employees and a healthy working environment offers rewards by increasing morale and decreasing rates of sickness absence.

The Global Approach

  • One- off dedicated theme days
  • Displays around the workplace with rotating themes over a 12 month period
  • Assistance devising health related and lifestyle policies
  • Health screening days looking at given parameters of health and fitness
  • Assistance setting up fitness facilities and other initiatives
  • Safety theme displays

The Individual Approach

  • Offering health screening to employees to check for the "silent killers" such as raised cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity
  • Provision of written information to employees at the time of their health screening, so that this can be read and shared with family members
  • Offering the reassurance of normal results
  • Assisting in the referral of those who have been found to have abnormal results
  • Provision of in-house clinics for sustained campaigns and monitoring for those who have had abnormal results


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