For those working in an office environment, computer workstations that are incorrectly set up for their users can cause problems with musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue and stress. Employers have obligations as set out within the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulating 1992, as amended 2002. These include conducting DSE workstation assessments and the provision of free eye tests at the request of employees.

What's Involved?

Computer workstation assessments look at the following factors:

  • Equipment
  • Environment
  • Computer & user interface
  • Meetings with managers or supervisors if applicable
  • Any special requirements resulting from the user's health status
  • Advice regarding reasonable adjustments
  • Advice about the applicability of the Disability Discrimination Act

An assessment can take between 45 minutes and one hour. It is essential that the person using the workstation is present at the time of the assessment, otherwise full ergonomic considerations cannot be taken into account.

Once the assessment has been carried out, a detailed report is generated and both the the employer and employee are both given sent a copy of the report.

What's Involved?

DSE Vision testing:

All Safe OH & S Ltd can save our clients time, money and limit disruption by carrying out this procedure on site. Many assessment are quite straight forward and do not need the intervention of an optician. By screening on site, only those requiring optician referrals are highlighted, rather than paying for optician assessments that may not be needed.

DSE Vision screening can be carried out at clients' premises using a specialist vision screener. Each test takes between 5 and 7 minutes and it is essential that any corrective spectacles are brought by the employee to their vision screening. Both employees and employers are advised of their results.


All Safe OH & S can offer site based statutory health surveillance including:

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