All Safe OH & S Ltd is a young and dynamic provider of occupational health and safety services, and is based in the North West of England, but has national capabilities. We provide a wide range of services for small to medium sized enterprises. Whatever the size of your company - be it 5 or 500 - we will provide the same high standard of quality services. We are happy to provide a full range of services and we have unprecedented access to Occupational Advisors, Occupational Physicians, Occupational Hygienists, and other intervention services. We are also proud to boast an all graduate staff, thus ensuring an up to date, research based approach to our customers' issues and a high standard of customer care.

Our aim is to provide a rapid, bespoke service to our clients. We will work in partnership with you and your company at your own premises in order to achieve the best possible occupational health and safety solutions for your business.

We realise that every company and every employee has unique needs. This is why we offer a range of services for your company to choose from. We can help you assess your Occupational Health & Safety needs and deliver a customised service for you and your employees.

Our staff are happy to work evening, shifts and weekends to ensure that all your employees are treated equally. Should you only require one day of our services per year, we will value your custom and be there if you need assistance at other times.

Our Philosophy

We offer an honest, straightforward and customer friendly service, that does not compromise on quality. We aim to reflect this in the easy styling and navigation of our web site. We hope that you will find our text easy to read and informative.

Whilst browsing the All Safe OH & S Ltd web site, you will not find any fancy photography or expensive over-styling. We would rather invest in tangible assets that enhance our service delivery to our clients and their employees. These include state of the art computer based screening equipment e.g. USB audiometers for everyday use and USB spirometers for specialised screening where abnormal results have been found that require further investigations. We are also heavily committed to investment in continual staff training and development.


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